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Paeonia Radix extract mixture (gastric health)

Name Paeonia Radix extract mixture(HT074)
No. 2020-03
Help your gastric health by protecting the gastric mucous membrane
Dose 700mg/day
Contents Paeonia Radix root , inula flower
Features - Selected by NeuMed iMED system and developed through nine years of research.
- Observed the improvement in symptoms of epigastric discomfort and burning chest pain in crinical test targeted for seme-hearthy people complaining indigestion.
- Observed the gastric mucosa protection in 4 experimentation models on animals; alcohol (drinking), stress and anti-inflammatory analgesic induced gastric lesions, and pyloric-ligation (gastric juice secretion).
- 1 patent was registered.
- 2 scientific papers were published.
Function - Epigastric discomfort and chest pain symptoms was significatly improved¹.
- The gastric mucosa was protected by increasing gastric mucus secretion and antioxidant activity²-³
- The gastric mucosa damaged by alcohol, stress, anti-inflammatory analgesics, etc was proteced²-³
- The gastric juice secretion and acidity was reduced in the pylori-ligation (gastric juice secretion) model²